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Guoguang remote data inspection technology and products are researched in solving customers’ problems. The cost effective solution selects China Mobile communication for precedence. The system is connected to the data monitoring center by broadband routing. Guoguang’s web-based remote metering and data acquisition adopted the mainstream B/S infrastructure, through which the users can browse, search, and manage the system data through web browsers anytime, anywhere.

Oil well monitoring, remote gas metering and supervision system, electric automation system

Data transmission; the monitoring and remote maintenance of unattended machine rooms; monitoring of tap water pipes, water source wells, pump stations, and water plant; monitoring of coal gas pipes and pressuring stations; real-time monitoring and maintenance on heat-supply systems; data acquisition and transmission for meteorological stations; hydrologic monitoring; other occasions requiring wireless data transmission

Function & Tech Spec:

Compliant with mainstream vortex precession, turbine, Schlumberger, and other intelligent flowmeters

Supports the remote transmission of field oil casing pressure signals, as well as that of the field PLC (remote transmission port available) flow totalizer

Easy-to-use B/S (Browser/Server) system based on web

The display and report printing of multiple parameters, including instantaneous flow, total accumulated flow, daily/monthly flow, pressure, temperature.

The management center (consisting of hardware and software) of remote terminal control systems is responsible for real-time reception of field metering data and supervision control.

The hardware consists of a tower server, printer, and network devices.

The software includes Guoguang data gateway (GDServer and GDProxy), database software and web server software.

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