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  • SINCE 2003
  • Chengdu Guoguang Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd.

    Chengdu Guoguang Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. was incorporated in March 2003, transformed from the electronic factory affiliated to Chengdu Guoguang Electric Company Limited.


    The enterprise has over 1,000 m2 offices and workshops. Our R&D, managerial, manufacture, engineering, and customer service personnel come from such areas as electronic techniques, computing, metering, industrial control, automation instrument, industrial enterprise management, etc.


    We have established a set of procedures and technical specifications for quality control – (Sep 2010) the company passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System. We ensure that the project initialization, development, sourcing, manufacture, and contract assessment are compliant with the quality manuals and national/enterprise standards, therefore, won customer recognition with safe and reliable hardware/software. We keep launching new products while always focusing on the market demand. The new generation of digital instruments for natural gas metering and management – LWJG families – have won great popularity since its market launch, and widely applied in oil and natural gas industries.


    The after-sale network with practical supervision measures and real-time fault report systems provide a full-scale, reliable, and highly responsive access to customers.

    With the philosophy of “Create competence & future by technology & integrity”, Guoguang always abide by high commercial morality and quality-centered practices that leads to customers’ success. We persist on technical innovations and full-IP product development as we chase the long-term strategy – becoming a top-notch Chinese company with global reputation.

    Based on the metering product research and manufacture capabilities built up during the past two decades, we have taken on the application of PC embedded digital techniques in the metering and control products. We have completed the structural adjustment – the new generation LWJ natural gas metering and management systems are now widely used in automated metering and management across areas of natural gas, oil, chemical engineering, metallurgy, and power generation.

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