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The LWJ series RTU (Remote Terminal Unit), mainly applied to natural gas metering, supports high precision data acquisition, flow computing, logic operation, data storage, and powerful communication. They are adapted to 4-20mA/impulse signal, and other protocol digital signals, constituting a flow metering system with the master computer through RS232/485, LAN, or wireless networks. The LWJ series are widely used in oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, power, light industry, pharmaceutics, urban combustible gas, working with such media as natural gas, gas, coal gas, steam, mixed air, water, liquid (oil, chemicals).

Function & Tech Spec:

Can connect to: differential pressure flowmeters (all types of orifice plates, nozzles, Venturi nozzles, classic Venturi tubes), vortex street/vortex procession/electromagnetic/elbow/mass/ultrasonic/rotor/roots meters, etc.

Real-time display of accumulated/instantaneous flow, pressure, pressure difference, temperature data and trend curves. Easy to operate, user friendly GUI

Event history of significant events, e.g. system setting, parameter modification, alarm, flow compensation, accumulated flow clearance

ARM 520MHz+ processer, WinCE embedded OS

Metering channel: the standard setting include 5 flowmeters (GB/T 17747.2 for FZ computing method, and the flow computing cycle is 1 second) and 8 independent measurement inspection or control, expandable

Input/Output: 4-20mA, impulse signal, 1-5V, Pt100 signal input; supports large scale I/O signal data acquisition, logic/process control; able to meet various customer demands


supports Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP, RS232/RS485/Ethernet ports available; can be added to metering and data acquisition/management systems of all scales when necessary, or connected to SCADA

Industrial standard compliant, hot-swappable for easy I/O module expanding

Watch dog and power down protection. Can save the setting parameter and history data for over 1 year

Linear and nonlinear rectification of other instruments and flowmeter coefficient

Data acquisition precision: grade 0.1, environment temperature: -20°C ~+75°C; DC power supply: 10-30V, power consumption: ≤20W

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