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The system is applied to all natural gas flow metering or calorific value calculation, which are specified by China’s oil and natural gas industrial standard SY/T 21446-2008 (Measurement of natural gas flow by means of standard orifice meter).

Function & Tech Spec:
Real-time display and storage of pressure, pressure difference, temperature, daily/monthly/total throughput, production time, and other parameters of each set

Real-time display of the process flow; flow chart configuration for real-time field data

Reporting, event recording, history data search and printing, history trend chart, flow checking, etc.

Anti-shock, electromagnetic interference free, dust proof, and enclosed IPC (industrial personal computer) for system host; highly reliable and anti-jamming

Two level anti-lighting system for the protection of power source and signal channel

out-of-limit alarm

Automatic printing control

Customizable functions such as automatic control during the gas production

Optional: GPS timing. Concurrent timing of slave computer and host computer (LWJ-RTU, LWJ-F flow computer) for automatic time compensation; precision: 10ms

Dimension: terminal cabinet 610mm*650mm*1700mm, operator’s desk 1800mm*1100mm*850mm

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