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  • LWJG-C Dual PC
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Function & Tech Spec:
Real-time display and storage of pressure, pressure difference, temperature, daily/monthly/total throughput, production time, and other parameters of each set

Real-time display of the process flow; flow chart configuration for real-time field data

The black box can permanently record the modification of metering parameters, alternation of metering status, alarm, and abnormal exiting.

Communicable smart flow meter, online analyzer, H2S analyzer, ultrasonic flowmeter data

Data uploading port available; RDT (remote data transmission) through wired/wireless networks

Anti-shock, electromagnetic interference free, dust proof, and enclosed IPC (industrial personal computer) for system host; highly reliable and anti-jamming

Two level anti-lighting system for the protection of power source and signal channel; out-of-limit alarm

Automatic printing control

Customizable functions such as automatic control during the gas production

Optional: GPS timing. Concurrent timing of slave computer and host computer (LWJ-RTU, LWJ-F flow computer) for automatic time compensation;

precision: 10ms

Dimension: terminal cabinet 610mm*650mm*1700mm, operator’s desk 1800mm*1100mm*850mm

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