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Smart Microgrid Realizes Industrialization Breakthrough
信息来源:管理员  发布时间:2013-07-02  阅读次数:748

The first set of microgrid energy management system researched and developed byGuodian Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd (SAC in short) on its own is in official operation in Changzhou Giantion Photo electricity Industry Development Co., Ltd. Mr. Liu Qi, member of Party Leadership Group of National Energy Administration and deputy director general, and Mr. Shu Yinbiao, member of Party Leadership Group of State Grid Corporation of China and deputy GM is present in the Changzhou site to visit and survey and offers full affirmation. The smooth operation of the project marks that SAC has grown into professional company, who can meet the distributed new energy synchronization access requirement and offer smart microgrid system overall solution, realizing SAC breakthrough in terms of smart microgrid industrialization, thus it is one masterpiece of combining the SAC capital market fund-raising and high-technology industry development.


The microgrid energy management system researched and developed bySAC on its own is supported by multi-stage microgrid, whose communication mechanism is established with China General Certification Center and data center of Ministry of Housing andUrban-Rural Development with the data uploading and sharing completed. The system is not only applicable to smart microgrid field to realize the energy management and dispatching within microgrid, but to energy management platform for the distributed power generation, which raises the stability and operation efficiency of distributed PV power generation, significantly cut the environment pollution, and gives full display to the design concept of application of new energy in efficient and steady manner. Therefore, it is listed in the first batch of major products catalog in Jiangsu Province.


The successful operation of the Changzhou Giantion PV project based on energy management system offers effective solution for the electric energy quality and synchronization with large grid for new energy during this stage, and offers follow-up guarantee for new energy power generation enterprise.


As the supplier in the field of smart micro grid overall solution, SAC, with consideration to national 12thfive-year Plan for Renewable Energy Development, closely follows up the new trend of smart grid construction on the part of micro grid, dedicates to the research of micro grid, brings forward a series of core hardware and control system software, thus basically mature and perfect technical system in terms of micro grid control are in ready shape, which includes smart micro grid integrated management system, region-distributed protection system, micro grid stability control unit, PCC point monitoring, anti-islanding protection unit, and electric energy quality monitoring and governance etc. It offers strong guarantee to the safe, reliable and steady operation of the smart micro grid, meanwhile, it can realize the steady and smooth synchronization with the large grid, such that the smart micro grid overall solution with SAC characteristics has taken shape, further cementing the leading position of SAC technology in new energy industry.

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